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Drip Migration/Setup

Are you ready to finally make the jump to Drip? (Or you’ve half made the jump a little while ago and are stuck in limbo?)

Let me handle everything for you so the switch is seamless so that you can concentrate on the bits of your business that you love.

Once it’s all set up, Drip is an incredibly powerful marketing automation tool. That’s where I can help you. I set up Drip in the most efficient and effective way for your business.

Here’s what’s included (as required):

  • moving your lists and tagging correctly
  • integrating with however you currently collect emails
  • setting up subscriber management (so subscribers can update their details or choose what sort of emails they want to receive)
  • setting up automation workflows / rules ( don’t worry about the difference – I’ll explain!)
  • setting up content upgrades
  • a video showing you around your Drip, how it works, how I set it up, etc
  • email support for 2 weeks for any follow up questions/etc



Starts from $700 / £530


Want in? Here’s what to do next:

Fill in the form below with the details of what you require (don’t stress about the questions, just do your best, it’s not critical at this point). I aim to get back to you within 48 hours. If you want to go ahead, I’ll ask for 33% deposit, 33% in advance and 34% upon completion. Migrations usually take around 10-14 days depending on your responsiveness and the complexity.