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Emma Buckley-Goddard

  • Queer
  • Vegan
  • INFP
  • PG Dip in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology
  • Will be Certified in Trauma of Money
  • Loves the colour blue
  • Loves Robots
  • Has one tiny tattoo of a blue robot
  • Parent to two kiddos
  • <3 Elizabeth Goddard


During each session, Emma would skillfully pull on each thread and disentangle them so we can examine them one by one. It amazed me how she would pick up on a phrase or a tone and bring it to my awareness and that sometimes that awareness would be the key to approaching the issue. Her suggestions on how I could to work through things were appealing to my creativity. And over the last three months I’d say I’m in a very different space in life and have a more growth oriented mindset than I did when we started. 

The back and forth Voxer chats that allowed me to reflect before replying. And the fact that you could pick on a phrase I use or my tone of voice and use that to unravel the mess. It was very cool! 

What would you say to someone who is considering working with Emma?

Do it! Don’t think twice. Emma is a gem and I looked forward to our sessions because I knew it would help me. Her approach is creative and gentle and you can tell she really cares which feels amazing.

Nimisha Kantharia

Emma is an excellent mindset coach who picks up on the little things that you’d never think to really pay attention to. She takes the time to help you look at things from other perspectives and asks questions that challenge your current way of thinking.

April Sullivan

When we go through stages of growth, sometimes we need someone to sit with us through the discomfort. For me, that’s what Emma brought. A non-judgmental space of questioning and curiosity, which I’m very grateful for. Thank you, Emma!

Marina Branigan

Emma gave me the confidence to built my first course in the English language. She opened my mind during a brainstorm that gave me a great idea. That made me thankful

Esther van der Ham

“Being able to talk to Emma is invaluable. They were a sympathetic listening ear, a sounding board for ideas, and they gave real actionable, practical advice. It helped me so much to get out of my own head and move forward.”

Mary Cummings